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From: Sidney Gittler
Subject: Fairy a lolita preteen models
Godfather: Kyle's StoryThis is the newest installment in my latest series. It is completely
fictional, though some resemblances are intentional and approved. All the
usual warnings, etc. apply. Enjoy. All comments to sidgcompuserve.comThorgil's Boy's
Inspired by Arne
Written by Sid G (c)2000Introduction:
My name is Thorgil and I'm a fairy godfather. illigal porn young lolitas Each fairy has an area
of expertise that involves large segments of the population. I have an
interesting assignment.
As you know sexual orientation is something you're born with, but you
have to realize it. My job is to enter the dreams of gay teenage boys who
haven't realized or accepted the fact and through one memorable wet dream
waken them.
The Chief has given lolita tiny little sluts
me permission to write down some of my cases.Kyle's Story You're really going to have to trust me on this one. It's been a year
now and I still have trouble believing this dream, and how well it all
turned out.
Kyle was your prototypical Valley Boy. Living almost dead center in
Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley he was fourteen, 5'3" and a 113 pounds of
solid muscle. Light hazel colored eyes, smooth cheeks with what the fairy
godmothers call angel kisses, blond hair in a short buzz cut, and a
straight A student at his private school. His passions were anything done
on in-line skates. While he did all the stunts his first love was roller
hockey. He was the first line center on The Ravens, a team in the Junior
Roller Hockey League of Los Angeles. The Ravens were champions of their
conference and the league playoffs were approaching.
Kyle had passed through puberty at twelve but was still confused as to
what he wanted in terms of sex. But I knew.
I guess this is a good time to define "defining wet dream." As you're
aware, a person remembers just a few of his dreams. Even the most vivid
dream at the end of a night's sleep or a nap tends to be forgotten within
seconds of awaking. With some wet dreams the only evidence is the physical
evidence. For my purposes they don't count, in fact Kyle had several of
these, even before I received my assignment.
The person has to remember every detail of the dream and understand
its meaning. But the mind does remember those forgotten dreams...and
they're there for me. There was one boy in particular featured in many of
those dreams and when I went to a team practice with Kyle, I saw him and
understood why.
There are eighteen Ravens but Doug stood out from the rest. Three
inches taller than Kyle and 140 pounds of body builder. His strawberry
blond hair contrasted with the black uniform. Over his left breast he wore
the Captain's "C," and after ten-minutes of practice there was no doubt
he'd earned it, or why Kyle had a secret crush on him. After practice I
followed the boys into the locker room and watched them shower and change,
along with the sexually tinged play, so I would have the details ready for
the dream. I also noticed other things.
As we emerged Doug's mother was talking into her cell phone and waving
her other arm.
"What's wrong Mom?" Doug asked.
"I'll call you back," she snapped and closed the phone.
"Yes your father got a last minute business trip to Oahu and I've got
to go with him. I've got to go home, pack, get to the airport by eight and
figure out what I'm going to do with you."
"Take me with you," Doug said, trying to make it sound like the only
"Good try dear, but it's only two nights and you've got school and
"He can stay with us," Kyle's mother said.
"You sure?"
"Of course, drop him off on the way to the airport with what he'll
need and have a good time." About ten that night the boys finally closed the lights and settled
in. Kyle got in his bed, with Doug in the Hollywood bed next to his. As
Kyle fell asleep I saw a hand moving beneath Doug's blanket... Kyle looked at the Staple's Center scoreboard as he tried calming his
heart. Five seconds to go in the second sudden death overtime period. If
the period ended tied they'd go into a shootout with the Parrots and be at
a distinct disadvantage. The linesman called him and the opposing dark lolita site preteen center
to the face-off circle to the left of the Parrots' goal. Kyle turned his
head to make sure everybody was were he expected them to be. He saw Doug
who gave him a quick smile.
Kyle moved his stick into position and the linesman dropped the puck.
The Parrot player made first contact but Kyle bumped him and redirected the
puck toward Doug lolita child panty picturs
and headed to the goal. He heard the distinctive thump of
Doug's slap shot and saw the puck reach the goalie and bounce off in his
He bent his knees and lifted the rebound into the air as the crowd
counted "one."
The red light went on.
The horn sounded.
"The Ravens win the Los Angeles Junior Roller Hockey League
Championship," the announcer screamed.
Kyle was buried by seventeen screaming, crying teammates.
It took another half-hour to calm down, go through the ceremonial
handshakes with the Parrots and get the trophy from preteen lolita 14 yo
the Mayor before they
finally got into their locker room. "Who's it?" Somebody called.
"The hero."
"Who's that?" A third voice called.
"Kyle," everybody yelled and pounced on the glowing boy.
Kyle felt hands pulling on him, pulling his clothes off until he was
naked between his Ravens' T-shirt and his skates.
A firm pair of hands grabbed Kyle's ass and he felt a cock at his
hole. Sighing he relaxed and let it in as another teammate lowered his
mouth to a waiting cock. His skates propelled him back on forth between
the two boys.
He wasn't sure who was where, nor did he care which teammate was
fucking his mouth or which his ass. Nor did he notice that as soon as a
load filled his throat or ass the boy simply disappeared.
Sixteen loads later he realized nobody was having sex with him, yet he
sensed there was one person who hadn't. Then he felt a pair of hands
around his waist, straightening him out. Kissing his neck.
"That you Doug?"
Doug turned him around and they kissed. "I don't believe you did
that," Doug said.
Kyle smiled, shrugged. "It was just sex. I want you to make love to
Doug smiled and lifted the sweat soaked shirt off Kyle and started
licking the shorter boy's nipples.
"Fuck me love, I can't hold much longer and I want to cum lolita pics top 100
when you
do," Kyle said.
Doug helped Kyle to the floor, removed the skates and sweat socks,
lifted Kyle's feet to lollita top nude galleries
his shoulders and quickly entered the used hole. He
slipped his seven inches in as he felt cum pour out. He knew he wasn't
going to last long either. Watching his teammates pour sixteen loads into
his lover had gotten him hot and rock hard.
The boys blew kisses at each other as Doug stroked Kyle's insides and
Kyle stroked his cock.
"Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck my ass, make me cum lover. Yeah, man do it.
Shit I'm close and I'm so hot I'm going to cover your face with my hot
cum," Kyle called out and... "Yow," Doug called out and Kyle's eyes popped open to find his cock
shooting and Doug wiping something from his face. That Doug was on his
"That must have been some dream," Doug said.
"Oh yeah," Kyle said, remembered, fell silent, and turned away.
Doug pulled him back over. "Tell me, you can talk to me buddy."
Kyle let the dream run through his head, understood, accepted. "It
was a great dream but I've got to tell you something because of it."
"Go ahead."
"I'm gay, it was you fucking me in the dream that made me cum, and I
want to do it for real. With you, now." Kyle looked into Doug's face,
looking for a reaction.
Doug smiled, leaned in and kissed Kyle on the lips. "I've wanted this
since you tried out for the team."
It was Kyle's turn to lean in and this time the kiss was a lot longer,
and deeper, as their hands explored the bodies they'd admired from across
locker rooms all over the city.
Doug gently turned Kyle onto his stomach and lifted his knees. From
between the two beds he grabbed a tube and spread some gel on his fingers
and gently inserted first one finger, then two into Kyle's virgin ass to
loosen it up a little bit.
"Oh shit, you're getting me hard again just doing that," Kyle moaned.
"I'm going to do it now. When I tell you push out like you're taking
a shit. If it hurts too much let me know."
"Fuck me love," Kyle said.
And Doug did just that. Slowly stroking Kyle's tight butt as his cock
grew bigger than it ever had. It wasn't long before he sped up. He
reached around Kyle's waist and took hold of the hard cock and started
stroking it in time with his thrusts.
"Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck my ass, make me cum lover. Yeah, man do it,"
Kyle said.
"Oh yeah, I'm going to fill your hot, tight ass with my cum, right
fucking now." And Doug did just that and felt so much cum on his hand he
thought he'd gone right through Kyle.
"Wow," Kyle said.
"Yeah, that was beautiful."
"And just the first time."
"Definitely," Doug said and collapsed on the bed with his softening
cock still embedded inside his lover.
And that's how Kyle's mother found them in the morning.
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